Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CNN Blames Fox News For Fear-Mongering Inciting Gun Violence (Video)

CNN Rick Sanchez 'SLAMS' FOX News's Gun Fear Mongering

"Serious political implications," Sanchez says of the Pittsburgh shooting.

Referring to the shooter, Sanchez adds "he was convinced, after no doubt watching Fox News and listening to Right Wing Radio that 'our rights were being infringed upon'"

After the first break, he blasts Glenn Beck for fear mongering and criticizes Sean Hannity for calling Obama a socialist.

News Flash to CNN: He is a socialist you idiots!

This is well-worth the watch. Once again exposes CNN's bias for Dear Leader.

Allan Gottleib, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, explains reality to Sanchez.

Media Matters Sr. Fellow later dismisses the notion of socialism and marxism. Again, wake up you liberal morons! Obamunism is real!

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1 comment:

  1. Fox really has to tone it down. They appeal to those with very low IQ's who can be brainwashed into doing anything. I have no doubt that Obama will be assassinated during his presidency by one of these brain dead, moronic right wing wackos.