Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Olbermann Is Soooo Mad: Obama Moves To Legalize Warrantless Wiretapping! (Video)

The more things change; the more they stay the same!

Olbermann is so pissed that he pulled his head out of Obama's ass; but only for a second.

Feel free to skip the first 2 minutes of so, as Olbermann reads dry legal jumbo. Skip to Howard Fineman who explains all of this to Olbermann.

Also, at 5:30 mark, Olbermann asks if this is an indication that the Obama Administration will not pursue legal action against Bush officials.

At 6:50, he says Obama Admin. is "dead wrong" on this. No he didn't! Olbermann slams Obama? Am I dreaming?

Sorry to disappoint you , Keith! Perhaps, eventually, you will come to realize what we already know: Dear Leader is full of crap!

After Fineman, Olbermann interviews Jonathan Turley, a "Constitutional Law Expert" who joins Olbermann is blasting Obama!

Amazing that the reality of national security has opened Obama's eyes.

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  1. This is rich; Mr. CountDown CLOWN is telling HIS Fraud On High, to STOP being a fraud (see the irony). It's undoubtedly hurts his feelings to "learn" that (his) OMomma is a fraud.

    KO, aka, the self-appointed Media Clown At Arms, carried this child faithfully throughout...and now, these sad facts land on his ego-driven fantasyland desk, to wit: Obama is a fraud (I tried to display this obvious data on your teleprompter Keith... but..)

    Keith, did you really "VET" Berry whatsoever? No. Rather, you are merely ONE OF HIS MINIONS who are now just showing the prelim signs of toxic buyers remorse.

    Enjoy your FRAUD KO, so much more to come.

  2. OLbermann. You are/were such a gullible, naive person. I bet you feel like a real dumb ass now. Right?