Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Family Guy and American Dad Mock Hillary, Biden and the NY Times (Video)

Anyone let Robert "Peter Griffin" Gibbs know about this?

Characters from "Family Guy" and "American Dad" riff on Hillary Clinton and Maureen Dowd in a promo for Fox's Sunday lineup.

"Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State," Peter Griffin says. "What do you think?"

"Well I think she's doing great, but I bet Joe Biden would like a little less blonde ambition at State," Stewie replies.

"I read that in the New York Times!" Roger the Alien says.

"Yeah, that was in Maureen Dowd's column," Cleveland chimes in.

"Well," Stewie stutters, "that Maureen Dowd sounds like one sharp tack. I'll have to start reading her. What paper does she write for again?

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