Thursday, April 9, 2009

O'Reilly and Tammy Bruce Discuss Women's Rights Hypocrisy Re: Eminem's Sarah Palin Bashing (Video)

Once again, O'Reilly condemns the assault on Sarah Palin while the MSM ignores Eminem's misogynistic attack of Governor Palin and other women. It is unbelievable. View the video here.

If advocates of "women's rights" truly cared about protecting women in this country they would have rallied en masse to defend the Liberal media's character assassination of Sarah Palin. If women's rights was simply that, and not politically motivated, they would have defended her.

And none did. Not one women's organization has yet to come to her defense.

Why? Because they are not interested in women's rights, they are solely interested in being sycophantic subservients to the radical Left wing Socialist Marxist Totalitarian agenda being forced down America's collective throats.

And they inappropriately fantasize about our President.

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  1. I checked Kos and there are a lot more articles about Levi & than this. I’ve not seen the video (browser doesn’t allow me to look at this) though I think you are probably right we’d hear more from the left if this was, say, Michelle Obama rather than Governor Palin ‘featured’ in this video. I think thus it is a fair point to raise to some degree

    That said, (a) I didn’t see a lot of conservatives rising to Hillary’s defense when there were frequent misogynistic comments sent in her direction and (b) how is this less offensive than, say, referring to Rachel Maddow as “Mancow” as you do below?

    Finally I’d note Eminem really hasn’t done much since The Eminem Show which was relased almost 7 yrs ago, so this is a stunt to avoid him appearing on the next version of The Celebrity Apprentice or similar D-list.

  2. wow. u should watch the video before opening your mouth. plus it was just a joke, het a sense of humor