Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gutsy French Shame USA by Taking Down Somali Pirate Terrorists (Video)

The French navy makes its move to reclaim a captive yacht held by thug Somali pirate terrorists.

One hopes that the American Commander-in-Chief is taking notes. Yes, you read that correctly: Americans forced to take notes from the French on courage.

Then again our Coward-in-Chief and our Laughing Jack-Ass Secretary of State seem to be too busy to deal with this crisis.

I guess Team "O" has nothing to gain politically from this kind of "crisis" which happens to be an actual crisis.

Yellow bastards.

Bloomberg reports:

French commandos freed a sailboat seized by Somali pirates a week ago, the second rescue of a French yacht in six months.

One of the five hostages was killed in the raid, while the others, including a 3-year-old, are safe, the French military said in a statement today. The commandos killed two pirates and took three prisoners in the three-minute operation.

“France has shown its determination not to give into blackmail,” Defense Minister Herve Morin said in a press conference late today.

The Tanit sailboat, en route to the tourist island of Zanzibar, was hijacked April 4 by Somali pirates. A maritime patrol plane located the yacht April 6, and two days later a French military ship caught up with it and began negotiations for the release of the captives, Morin said.

Yesterday, with three French frigates on the scene and the pirates refusing to stop heading toward shore, a French sharpshooter immobilized the yacht by taking out its mast.

Morin said French negotiators made several offers, including money and exchanging the mother and child for a naval officer. The pirates onboard refused because they wanted to bring the yacht back to their onshore den to start the real negotiations, Morin said, adding that currents were carrying the yacht toward land.

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