Monday, April 6, 2009

Michele Bachmann claims the Serve America Act will lead to "re-education camps for young people." (Audio)

Right on, Michele! I know the Left is going to go nuts with this as they continue their assault on Bachmann, but I don't think she is that far off!

We are inching closer to Obama Youth!

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) on the Sue Jeffers' show on KTLK in Minnesota, 4/4/09

Obama's National Citizen's Security Force is being pieced together, both at the Defense Department and in Congress.

Originally called Obama 2.0, "Organizing for America" is headed by Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe.

In early January, we highlighted the beginnings of the organization of "boots on the ground" designed to pressure Americans and lawmakers into accepting Obama's socialist agenda.

Recently, H.R. 1388 made the nightmare of Obama's "National Citizen's Security Force " a reality.

The Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill to broadly expand national community service programs, increasing the number of positions to 250,000 from 75,000 and creating new cadres of volunteers focused on education, clean energy, health care and veterans.

Sen. Jim DeMint has also discussed the many flaws of the National Service Act being considered on the Senate floor, calling it "a well-intentioned mistake".

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  1. Do these kids get to wear brown uniforms and armbands with an "O" on it?

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  3. It's now very clear just what happened in Pittsburgh when Mark Poplawski killed three policemen. He was acting out of far right conspiracy theories, and was armed with an AK-47:

    On March 13, according to the site, Mr. Poplawski wrote a lengthy post predicting economic collapse, engineered by a Jewish conspiracy. "The federal government, mainstream media, and banking system in these United States are strongly under the influence of -- if not completely controlled by -- Zionist interest," the post declares. "An economic collapse of the financial system is inevitable, bringing with it some degree of civil unrest if not outright balkanization of the continental US, civil/revolutionary/racial war . . . This collapse is likely engineered by the elite Jewish powers that be in order to make for a power and asset grab."

    The only person responsible for these murders is Poplawski. But it's a reminder that whipping up paranoia can lead to unintended consequences, especially as gun sales go through the roof in the wake of Obama's election. When someone like Michele Bachmann talks about the Obama administration forcing people into re-education camps, or forcing a global currency on the US, and other insanities, she needs to know the tinder box she is busy throwing matches into.

  4. Yes, it is always better to hide your head in the sand and pretend nothing is wrong.

    Let me clarify (before I am roasted) I did not vote for Bush and I did not vote for this moron either. I have not decided yet, if Obama is a complete fool with no knowledge of history or incredibly evil. If the "Man" is so smart, why in the world would he choose to mimic a 1930's German government. Not just there economic model, but also there social re-engineering programs & not expect people to be upset. Even if he is completely altruistic in his beliefs & efforts, will the next person be the same? Or will they take advantage of the government that has been created (i.e. Big Brother Government, Universal Healthcare, & re-education camps). How long before the IRS says to you ,"You are behind on your Carbon tax, you should stop exhaling until you pay up. Of course we see here that you still have 2 kidneys, they are currently going for 50k apiece, this should bring your taxes up to date. We will make the arrangements with the Doctor for your area." Why would he even pursue a Socialist agenda when history is full of failed socialist states. Not one Socialist state has done better than America (economically or otherwise), in fact most of them are in trouble now because they invested in our business not there own. The modern powerhouse Socialists have all but abandoned there previous models(Russia - making an attempt at Democracy & China realizing the government does not do well in business). He is embracing proven failure in an attempt to prove nature wrong, "Life is fair and the birds will stop eating the worms!" (Although the unintended consequence will be a massive die off birds due to starvation).