Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama Refuses To Answer Question About Pirates, Admin's Handling of The Situation Blasted By Fox News Panel (Video)

Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton rips the administration's response. "Their reaction is pathetic."

"Guys, we're talking housing right now," Obama says.

What is wrong with this Obama guy? A simple "my administration is monitoring the situation" would have sufficed! Or maybe he could have expressed some sympathy for the family of Captain Richard Phillips?

Oh, I forgot. Bush was the compassionate President.

But hey, at least he didn't break out into uncontrollable laughter like Hillary.

Comment from yoe at Free Republic:

Richard Phillips is being held by Terrorists....with Janet Napolitano at the helm, Heaven help him.....Kerry wants to have talks, Clinton is calling on others to help.....This is an American ship and captain for the Lord’s sake. Too bad the man isn’t a hyphenated American...

I agree! An American is captured by pirate terrorists on open seas, and the Liberals want to talk it out?

F that! A Navy Seal Team could end this in minutes.

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