Monday, April 6, 2009

Karl Rove Destroys Obama For His Overseas Anti-American Rhetoric (Video)

Karl Rove appeared this weekend on "Fox and Friends".

"I think he ought to get off the campaign trail and become President of The United States," Rove said.

Rove explains the dangers of such comments, adding Europeans will be thinking "'even President Obama admits America is arrogant', that's when they're going to stop listening and stop paying attention. This was a mistake."

Rove adds that Obama is sending a message to the world that "hurts America".

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  1. Karl is a looser with a capitol L, he's crooked, ballheaded, fat, and ugly, what could he possibly say about our President, not a thing. I suggest rove roll on.

  2. freeta goodholm4/06/2009 9:37 PM

    I think he is tighter and bowlheaded.

  3. Anonymous:

    After reading your post, I can see why you posted anonymously. In addition to being unable to spell, you are also unable to think, so you attack the messenger rather than address the issues he has raised. Obama is undermining the United States with all his campaign rhetoric. Rove is right on this score. It is time for Obama to stop running for president and act like one. Although, given his actions to the present, it certainly seems that he is doing his best to destroy the United States.

  4. When lacking in intellectual ability, the lesser among us resort to ad hominem. Hence these ridiculous 'looser' comments referring to Mr. Rove.

    Try to understand the issues, please. It is a quick game, and the parameters change rapidly, so try to keep up with facts, not invective.

    It could be quite an education to actually understand the implication of the dangerous course this man is pursuing. Our very lives will depend upon the informed judgement of our citizens. It would seem that this president is banking on his ignorant followers to attack those who may disagree with his leftist agenda. It may well lead to the end of America as a republic.

    More is the pity.

  5. kenny komodo4/06/2009 11:11 PM

    Attacking the messenger rather then the message has been a liberal tactic for a long time. Now that Obambi has shown himself to be truly an empty suit, filled with rhetoric, a messianic ability to read a teleprompter and a drooling press corps the attacks on those who oppose Obambi have become more personal. Notice that President Bush is still being attacked and the all evil Karl Rove is still in the cross hairs. Liberals have a serious problem; how do you defend a President who goes around the world trash talking his country and bowing to Muslim Kings. Obviously these things cannot be defended by rational people so the next step, probably from the Alinsky school, is to attack Republicans and Conservatives.

  6. Karl is 100% correct! The only thing Obama knows how to do is campaign. He hasn't got the knowledge, maturity or just plain common sense to be a leader. His socialist values will lead this country to mediocrity, unfortunately there are plenty of people who will follow down that road. (Very sad to say.)

  7. Karl is right!!! I never heard of a President calling America arrogant. I hope all of you that voted for this MORON are happy. We are the United States of America, proud and united!!!!! It's time to stop blaming BUSH and for Obama to do the right thing. I hope Obama gets it before it's too late.

  8. I agree that Karl is right and that all you MORONS that voted for this Muslim that he is are happy for we are in deep trouble now. He needs to start thinking about the United States and to stop blaming BUSH. The poor white people are going to be in deep trouble for he does not care about us and you never her about any help for white people only the blacks!!! THIS IS WRONG.

  9. Anonomyous:

    It is spelled "loser", not "looser".
    It is spelled "bald-headed" not "ballheaded".

    Where did you go to school? Public most likely.