Sunday, March 8, 2009

Iran Tests Long-Range Missile; Israeli General Says Iran Has "Crossed Nuclear Threshold"

This weekend, Iran reportedly test-fired a missile which, the Irani government claimed, could reach Israel via Irani fighter jets.

In addition, a top Iran military commander boasted: "All the nuclear facilities in different parts of the land under the occupation of the Zionist regime are in the reach of Iran's missile defenses.

It seems pretty clear to me that Iran is dead serious on its promise to eliminte American ally Israel.

I simply cannot understand Obama's policy to engage Iran, the Taliban, Cuba etc in diplomacy

The Jerusalem Post reports:

In a chilling indication that Iran's arms program is advancing steadily, Israel acknowledged for the first time that Teheran had mastered the technology to make a nuclear bomb on the same day that the Iranians announced they had successfully tested a new air-to-surface missile.

Iran has "crossed the technological threshold," and its attainment of nuclear military capability is now a matter of "incorporating the goal of producing an atomic bomb into its strategy," OC Military Intelligence Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin told the cabinet on Sunday.

"Iran is continuing to amass hundreds of kilograms of low-enriched uranium, and it hopes to exploit the dialogue with the West and Washington to advance toward the production of an atomic bomb," he said.

The Israelis are much closer to the source and have a greater cause for alarm, yet Defense Secretary Robert Gates is growing soft as he drinks the Kool-Aid.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the hawk tasked with forming Israel's next government after last month's general election, said Iran was the top challenge facing the Jewish state.

"Iran is seeking to arm itself with nuclear weapons and is the most serious threat to our existence since the war of independence" in 1948, he said. In an interview with NBC television, on Sunday Defence Secretary Robert Gates said Iran was "not close to a weapon at this point."

But in a separate interview with CNN the same day, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen expressed concern about the quantities of low-enriched uranium that Iran had produced.

Mr. President, please re-think your foreign policy.

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