Saturday, March 14, 2009

VIDEO: Shep Smith Mocks 'Glenn Beck Friday,' 'I Don't Even Know What The Heck The Thing Is'

A little tiff on the Fox Home Front?

Ouch! I take it Shepard Smith doesn't like Glenn Beck-Mania!

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  1. Shepard Smith just needs to go find a job at NBC, CNN or some other liberal station... For the last year or more - when Shep Smith's face appears on the screen - I just turn to the Weather Channel...

  2. Dump Shep !

  3. Shep is just jealous, because in the short time Glenn Beck has been on Fox, he has blow Shep out of the water

  4. Maybe he can be on Fox News what, say, Joe Scarborough is to MSNBC? For a network that is neither Fair nor Balanced it might be worth a shot