Saturday, March 14, 2009

AUDIO: Great American Tea Party Update! Man Threatened With Police Action For Sending Tea Bag To His Representative!

Based on the phone number left on the message, the Congressman in question is

John Adler
28 North Maple
Marlton, NJ 08053-3021
Phone: (856) 985-2777
Fax: (856) 985-2788

Via Free Republic:

A member at sent his congressman a teabag in the mail to protest their spending, and now his congressman's office is threatening him.

The member says, "I told her no malice intended and asked if it was illegal to mail a teabag. I told her it was a in protest in response to the votes of the Congressman. I also told her I thought maybe they would enjoy a good cup of tea this afternoon. She was not amused but acted dumb as to why I sent it. She also said a RECORD of this would be made."

It's really low audio, so make sure you turn your volume way up.

"... was [very] offended, and before we bring it to the police for examination we thought you'd like to give us information why you sent it to us!"

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