Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swine Flu Update: Rachel Maddow On Afghanistan's One Lonely Pig (Video)

I hate Rachel Maddow and all she represents (I've been known to call her a "vile, disgusting bitch", "hateful, vile slime" and a "vile pig" who should be "euthanized) but this is a pretty funny story.

Afghanistan's only pig -- yes, they have one pig in the entire country, in a zoo -- is currently under solitary confinement because many Afghans are worried about contracting swine flu from the pig.

Amazing how the media and education operate over there. I'm surprised they actually know about swine flu, yet they do not realize that you cannot actually catch swine flu from the pig. This is the only pig in the country, so how could it catch the swine flu? Afghans intolerance of pigs must be ended.

Their swinophobia is their most egregious offense to the world.

Taliban? Terrorism? Heroin? Misogyny? Bubkis! People for the Ethical Treatment of Swine (PETS) should be rallying in Afghanistan asap!

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