Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Michelle Obama Over-Inflates Her Sphere of Influence: Being First Lady "Is a Really Good Job" (Video)

First lady Michelle Obama answered questions from students at bilingual charter schools during an event to celebrate Cinco de Mayo early.

"Being First Lady is the icing on the cake of helping people."

She is as delusional as her husband as her answer completely overexaggerates her sphere of influence.

Who does she think she is? Oprah? Oh wait...maybe...
By planting a garden she can talk about kids eating healthier food? Nobody gives a rat's ass about your garden!

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  1. REally what an outrage bitch. Helping people... hah. Come mop my kitchen floor. Thats helping people.

  2. check out why she is no longer a lawyer. seems if she got in a real crappo problem and gave up her shingle instead of fighting the charges....

  3. She keeps pushing public service when she had a very high paying job. She's so full of crap and ugly to boot.