Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fox & Friends Blasts Obama For Not Observing National Prayer Day (Video)

President Obama has refused a public appearance in observation of National Prayer Day. The White House says Obama will be observing in private.

Yeah, sure; and Reverend Wright loves White People.

"Fox and Friends" questions Obama's motive.

Gretchen Carlson hits the nail on the head wondering if Obama is "giving into the PC society we live in today. We're going to appease the smaller groups of people instead of the masses."

She also wonders if it's another example of Obama merely doing the opposite of what President Bush did.

(Sorry, but please ignore the Leftist propaganda at the beginning and end.)

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  1. Just one more obvious example of the socialistic mentality of "our president' at least he is being consistent in his view that america is not a christian nation and that there is no one majority religion belief system existing here

  2. One more thing! A Fox Sports #1 analyst actually is a spokesman for the National Day of Prayer.

    A leader who thinks child molesters and pedophiles are more important than faith is big no-no.