Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bill O'Reilly: How The Republican Party Can Make A Comeback (Video)

The Democrats have succeeded in portraying Republicans as the "party of no" for the GOP's disapproval of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi radical socialist takeover of America. Like it or not, most Americans continue to view Obama as a popular, likable guy and opposition to his ideology does not sit well with America. When properly educated on the issues, it remains possible to sway opinion away from the radical "populist" Liberal agenda, but the GOP need to express a real alternative and get its message to the people.

Bill O'Reilly gives conservatives some good advice. He says Republicans cannot just oppose Liberals, but must say how and why are they against things like same-sex marriage and Liberal immigration reform. The GOP needs to articulate a clear, concrete platform; that is, give Americans a reason to vote for Republicans instead of simply rejecting the Liberals.

"Get solutions to problems...stick up for America, because the Democrats simply are not," says O'Reilly. Sounds like pretty good advice to me!

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