Sunday, May 3, 2009

White House Press Corps Stand For Obama; Not For Bush (Video)

Nope. No Liberal media bias, right?

I never realized the Press Corps had this level of disrespect for President Bush. Shameful, but not surprising.

Here is the video from Bush's final press conference. The press corps makes a half-assed attempt at standing, but most remain seated. What jerks. Show some respect.

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  1. hmm, bush showed them respect, they are lower than low.

    guess that is why the press is losing respect from most of the american public.

  2. Pretty pathetic lack of respect FOR THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES !
    You may not like the man - but what do you have against the Office ? You people are a disgrace to the Press Corps !

  3. Video clips taken out of context are meaningless. The "outrage" over this shows the irresponsibilty of the talking heads like Sean Hannity who try to stir up dissent over anything they can without explaining the context, or even trying to uncover it.