Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Harry Reid: Arlen Specter Will Be With Us When We Need Him, "We're Glad He's With Us" (Video)

In his book, "The Good Fight: Hard Lessons From Searchlight to Washington" , Sen. Harry Reid said Arlen Specter "is always with us when we don't need him."

However, he recently contradicted himself , saying "I hope he's going to be with us when we need him."

He lies further, saying that despite having a 60 Vote "super majority", the Senate still has to work in a bipartisan manner. There you go again, Senator!

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1 comment:

  1. This guy has lied to every Nevada for the longest time, he runs as Mr. Independent. Independent like Nevada was his slogan.

    He is pathetic POS! FRAUD real estate thief, etc...

    I hope he loses this go around, it would kill me to think that the majority of Nevadans still think this CROOK is still worth a vote!