Friday, May 8, 2009

Michael Steele on Supreme Court "empathy": "I'll give you empathy. Empathize right on your behind." (Video)

RNC Chair Michael Steele gives his take on President Obama's desire for an "empathetic" Supreme Court nominee.

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  1. Wow. Michael Steele decides to single-handedly demonstrate why the Republicans are out of power, and what a pack of angry morons they have become.

    Did he think this would IMPRESS people?

    Oh - and there's nothing wrong with the word "empathy," you idiots. Is there some secret list of right-wing forbidden words that you all have hidden away somewhere, or do you make this crap up on the fly?

  2. Iggy - who sounds like the angry one now? Typical liberal hypocrite...

    Just so you know - laws are laws - they shouldn't be interpreted based on some feel good emotion or the fact that you feel sorry for someone. If you want to pass down sentences based upon how you feel there would be complete and utter chaos... that's the issue - it's about setting precedents and that's not a good one!

    And empathy actually stems from the mouths of liberals - conservatives are just repeating exactly what you liberals espouse

  3. "AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

    HE SAID "EMPATHY"!!!!!!!!!!

    I HEARD HIM!!!!!



  4. Iggy, you obviously don't actually pay attention to current events. Steele is mocking Obama! The "empathy" line is from the mouth of your Dear Leader!

    Like many Liberals, you are speaking without any facts or education on the issues.

    That's how your man got elected in the first place; by a bunch of misinformed sheep.

    Thanks for backing up that fact.

  5. What are you talking about? Iggy's comments didn't sound at all like she didn't know the context of them, your comment is the one who didn't make sense. Take a valium...

    Modern neuroscience has established that in decision making our emothions decide. Our reason explains. That is why every one knows that regardless of the facts, Justices Thomas and Scalia are likely to vote to narrow the rights of a defendant and find arguments to support this position.
    Consider the case of an ecclesiastical judge without empathy or compassion ruling on an event that took place in Brazil a month or two ago. An eight year old girl was raped and impregnated by her step father. Her doctor said she was too immature to safely give birth. Her mother procured an abortion legal in such cases. The Catholic ArchBishop excommunicated the mother, the doctor and the girl, but not the rapist. He explained that under cannon law the abortion was a more serious crime tha the rape. The baby, he said, could have been delivered by cesarean section. He was totally unprepared for the public outrage that followed. In the face of the anger at all levels of Brazilian society he eventually rescinded his excommunication order. Judges without empathy and compassion are psychopaths with power.