Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Glenn Beck Destroys ACORN: "Get The Hell Out Of My Studio" (Video)

Glenn Beck destroys this radical A**hole! Thank god somebody finally put Obama's Army in its place!

(H/T: Hot Air Pundit)

After the break, Beck explains ACORN rep asks out a "Beck" staffer.

ACORN is the largest radical Leftist group in America today.

ACORN thinks Americans have a Constitutional right to own a home, supports illegally breaking into homes , pressures Blue-Dog Democrats to back radical legislation and generally acts like above-the-law criminals.

ACORN was officially tapped as a Census partner in February and the CRAPulus Spending "Stimulus" Bill contains over $4 Billion for "neighborhood stabilization", i.e. community organizations like ACORN.

National Review noted prior to last fall's election the shady, if not corrupt and illegal relationship between Barack Obama and his community organizer bedfellows at ACORN.

Obama has also been caught telling ACORN organizers that the group will help shape his Presidential agenda.

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  1. Beck conductd himself in a very childish manner to the detriment of anything worthwhile resulting from the "debate".

  2. Beck was funny as hell with a man from fascist hell. They are so radical, so anti-constitutional, you either laugh at them because they are so over the top or get angry and punch 'em. This is a "domestic enemy" elected officials are sworn to protect the US from. They don't take that oath seriously in DC.

  3. Childish, silly, hysterical, maybe... but most of all TRUTH!

  4. Beck was well within his pervue to challenge his guest as to whether ACORN was acting. His guest refused to take responsibility for the Organization. Instead the guest went off on a tangent.

  5. Glenn Beck is such a punk. When he was on the View, he nearly pissed his pants when Whoopi Goldberg called him lying dog shit. He was not so aggressive when speaking to her. He is a punk ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I just watched Glenn on the view, and I didn't see Whoopi do anything that made Glenn pee his are a moron!

    Anybody knocking Glenn for this or sticking up for that ACORN fag is a complete idiot. Do you not see what is happening to this country because of these social engineering communist cowards that are running or country and defying the law?

  7. Looks like Glenn Beck has taken Wally's George's schtick to new, not-so-campy levels. What a tool...