Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miami Catholic Priest Rev. Alberto Cutié Caught Kissing Woman On Beach, CNN Defends His Actions! (Video)

UPDATE: Father "Oprah" responds!

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It's amazing that Rick Sanchez actually tries to defend his friend, saying "he wasn't with a little kid, he was with a woman, a consenting adult...good looking guy, you kind of feel for this guy, don't you?" Unreal. Another MSM attack on religion. If you don't believe in the religion, fine. But don't belittle the rules, okay Rick? Catholic Priests take a vow of celibacy, you moron!

Guest William Donahue of The Catholic League responds to Sanchez.

Alberto Cutié (born circa 1969 in Puerto Rico), better known as Padre Alberto, is a Roman Catholic priest who has become a recognizable name due to his television and radio programs. Born in Puerto Rico to parents of Cuban ancestry, Cutié began his foray into the media at an early age. He started to work as a deejay during his adolescence. While his passion for radio was great, it was not greater than his devotion to his faith, which eventually led to his ordination as a Catholic priest. He was ordained as a Catholic priest for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami in 1995. He is the first Catholic priest to host a secular talk show both on radio and television. He is also a regular columnist whose writings appear in many Spanish newspapers throughout the United States and Latin America.

Cutié attracted great fame with his television debut in 1999 as the host of Padre Alberto (also known as "Cambia tu Vida con el Padre Alberto"), a daily talk show televised on the Telemundo network. After the show was cancelled, he later served as host of the weekly program "America en Vivo" on Telemundo International.

Since 2002, Cutié has continued to host a weekly talk program called, "Hablando Claro con el Padre Alberto", which reaches millions of households throughout the United States, Canada, Spain and Latin America for EWTN en español, which is part of the global network founded by Mother Angelica. In July 2003 he officiated at Celia Cruz's funeral mass in Miami.[1]

Cutié also published his first self-help book, "Real Life, Real Love" ( "Ama de Verdad, Vive de Verdad" ) in January 2006. It sold thousands of copies and was a bestseller in the Spanish language market.

Cutié has often been called Father Oprah by various publications such as Newsweek. Presently he is President and General Director of Radio Paz and Radio Peace Catholic 24-hour radio stations. He also serves as for radio programs Al Dia and Linea Directa, and directs the daily operations of Pax Catholic Communications for the Archdiocese of Miami.

The Miami Herald reports:

The Rev. Alberto Cutié, a national figure with movie star looks, was removed from his Miami Beach church Tuesday after photographs appeared in a magazine showing him frolicking with a woman in the sand on a Florida beach.

A wildly popular Catholic priest, newspaper columnist and radio and television personality, Cutié will no longer run operations or say Sunday Mass at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church.

Word of Cutié's punishment came during a brief news conference in front of a small gathering of reporters at the Archdiocese of Miami headquarters on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami Shores.

''The vow of celibacy is part of the ordination,'' said spokeswoman Mary Ross Agosta. "A man who is a priest is able to totally focus on the church.''

Earlier in the day, Cutié spoke with Archbishop John C. Favalora, who said that the pictures of Cutié and the woman saddened him.

''Father Cutié's actions cannot be condoned despite the good works he has done as a priest,'' Favalora said in a statement. "I ask for everyone's prayers at this time.''

Cutié also released a brief one-paragraph note, thanking those who support him and asking for the forgiveness of those who may be hurt or saddened by my actions.''

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  1. it is surprising that a priest is being accused of kissing a girl. so silly to make this news spread all over the world saying that a priest has taken the vow of chastity and thus he cant do all these. what about the married couples? they are supposed to be with only one spouse. but we see all over Europe more than one spouse. why this? this should also be made as a big news. No! nobody bothers if this happens! because married couples can have extra wife or husband for night or day. not a problem! so, friend think logically. and not one fish dies in the ocean does not make the ocean dirty. keep away silly matters of kissing and... worry about how can one become smiling and happy everyday and make others happy.

  2. I understand that as a Roman Catholic one is offended when a priest or sister breaks one of their vows. I also understand that Rick Sanchez is trying to defend a friend and compatriat. However, what I don't understand is how Mr. Donohue, whom I have great respect, can catagorize the actions of "Padre Alberto" with the likes of priests who are drug addicts and pedophiles. Yes, Fr. Cutie broke a vow from the Sacrament of Holy Orders, but let's not forget that he did not break the law. These were two consenting adults, regardless of their faith and vows. Also, the Roman Catholic in other instances of what would be considered matters of unholy and unlawful actions, were not as drastic in their decision making.

  3. Robert Alwine5/09/2009 12:01 PM

    “Corruptio optimi pessima” – the corruption of the best is worst of all. All of our priests need our prayers. When a priest fails, we should examine ourselves to see if we did everything we could do for him and his vocation. As a Roman Catholic priest, Father Cutie offered himself completely to God and to all of God’s children. We should not use Father Cutie to gratify our curiosity or to advance an agenda. Instead, we should ask whether we prayed enough for him and all of his brother priests. If it turns out that we have not, then now is the time to start – for his good and for our good.

  4. Fr. Cutie failed. Forget about secular law, he violated his promise to the Church. There are tradeoffs in life that he did not want to make. He wanted it all. How human.

    We all fail. We are all wrong at some point in our lives. The important thing is, what do we do when we realize we are wrong? Do we act out, as Cutie did, defying the Church publically, but in a neighborhood where he's not well known; or do we make an adult decision by accepting that we cannot have it all?

    Commitment means the choice of one outcome to the exclusion of others. Commitment is the expression of free will.

    Fr. Cutie can serve God without being a Catholic priest. Or, he can serve God as a Catholic priest. But he can't serve God as a hypocrite. I support whatever decision he makes, as long as he is honest.

    I agree that we need to pray for priests and nuns. They give up so much in life and we must show them that we love and appreciate them, and pray that our love can help to sustain them their personal struggles.

  5. Let the man be a man. He is with an over 18 Woman for Crist's sake. He is the normal one out of God only knows hom many pediphiles and deviants.

  6. I wonder if they allowed them to marry if it might alleviate the other scandals within the church in regards to their priests and sexuality.I always find it interesting when parishoners are supposed to get marriage counseling from someone who has no clue what the reality of living with a spouse is like. Might it make them BETTER at delivering their message if they were allowed to live with a wife if that was their choice? Might it only assist their ability to deliver the Gospel? Being celibate makes them no closer to God than if I called myself a car just because I was standing in my garage.

  7. So why is that a divorced Catholic that gets remarried without an annulment is banned from receiving the eucharist, but the priest that breaks his vows there is no such banishment!

  8. Well, I can't say I am surprised, not surprised his church is kicking him out Good Riddens!