Monday, May 4, 2009

Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity Summarize Barack Obama First 100 Days (Video)

It was nice that he got a dog for his family and the Vice President.

Other than that; nothing good.

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  1. When will the American public wake up and admit that Obama is a total creation of the Liberal Democratic Party. We are told he's "Brilliant," An "Intellectual" and all the other "Accolades" of his "Smartness." He's so Smart that he thought we had 57 States in the United States, He said he couldn't speak "Austrian," He's said some really dumb things, I mean, "Duh" moments. He can read but that's the only credit I'll give him! He has the depth of a coat of paint! He's nothing but a "Marionette," we have to find out who's working the string's, that is the real; "Puppetmaster!"

  2. President Obama promised change during his campaign.He had said that the United States was the richest and most powerful country the world has ever seen and he was going to change all that,well he`s keeping that promise.Alot of the people that voted for him were college educated,thats really sad.

  3. sean hannity still not waterboarded....