Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rush Limbaugh: Powell Should Become A Democrat, Obama Endorsement "Clearly Based On Race" (Video)

Rush Limbaugh slams Colin Powell yet again!

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  1. Awesome! If you purge all of those moderates, independents, uppity negroes and hispanics, you can get down to that hardcore 30 that DeMint wants.

    That'll show everybody!

  2. Why would Powell want to leave the Republicans?

    We have him in our back pocket, wink wink, another UN speech is upcoming...

    The Cuba threat.

  3. Rush is right,

    Powell has Pres Reagan, Bush 41 & 43 to thank for his status today.
    The most dispicable thing he did was he knew his buddy Richard Armitage was Bob Novak's source of previously outed by Aldrich Ames to the Russians and Cubans.
    But he let investigations continue for years into people he knew weren't guilty in hopes of Martha Stewart perjury traps.

    Taking advice from Colin Powell is like taking advice from Arlen the Defector.
    Republicans should be asking were are your differences with Dems and when are you going to go after them for their outrageous comments!

  4. Its amazing how Limbaugh prides himself for telling it like it is but when someone else tells it like it is he gets his feelings hurt. Limbaugh is an entertainer and nothing else except a hate monger and coward.

  5. Oh Yes! He is a lying cowardly lardass!

  6. I love that Rush Limbuagh has become the leader of the GOP. he is truly running this bus into the ground and Steele must continue to kiss the his ring.

    You're all morons.