Tuesday, May 5, 2009

James Carville: "Sen. Specter Is Least Reliable Democrat" (Video)

"Least reliable Democrat?" That's odd considering he wasn't a particularly reliable Republican. One could conclude that maybe Specter is simply not a very reliable Senator!

ConservativeXpress encourages you to donate to Pat Toomey's Senate campaign to help send Specter out to pasture where he belongs!

Carville gives Specter "credit" for becoming a Democrat just to win an election; sounds just about right for a Liberal to win an election at any cost.

From Huffington Post:

In a separate interview with the Huffington Post, Democratic strategist James Carville was equally sour on Specter's recent party switch, calling the defection a potential "major event in terms of how the Senate conducts its business," but "a relatively minor event in political history."

"[Specter] was the least reliable Republican. So he will just switch to become the least reliable Democrat," said the longtime Clinton confidant and author of the upcoming book, "40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation." "I wouldn't try to make much more out of it than the political survivor comes up with one more act in a long running play of political survival... The one thing I will give him is I will give him some points for candor for being so upfront about [his switch]."

"I'm not sure this is going to have a great ending," added Carville, who has worked extensively in Pennsylvania politics. "He could get primaried, you know... If [Rep. Joe] Sestak runs, [Specter] will have to fight."

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  1. It's quite apparent that Arlen Specter is only dedicated to remain in office. He has no commitment to anything but staying in Washington. He does not want to give up the power. He is a self serving scumbag! Why the voters ever elected him is a mystery. He ran as a Democrat and failed, he then was elected as a Republican, didn't anyone see through this charade? Doesn't anyone pay attention? We get the politicians we vote in, please, do your homework, let's pay attention to the people who are nominated, make sure they are the best people for the country, before they are nominated!