Tuesday, March 31, 2009

VIDEO: Sy Hersh and Wolf Blitzer Discuss More Crap About So-Called "Cheney Assassination Ring"

The wackjob Moonbats continue to demonize their favorite target: former VP Dick Cheney.

Earlier this month, Keith Olbermann made the same claim citing Sy Hersh.

Surprisingly, Cheney's so called "assassins" are merely Joint Special Operations Command, a unit which continues to operate under Obama.

And yes, they assassinate terrorists. Which is good because under Team "O", living terrorists are now being treated better than most American citizens.

Cheney Assassination Unit Still Active Under Obama, Including Domestically
Joint Special Operations Command comprises Delta Force personnel that have killed U.S. citizens and acted in support of Obamas expanded war in Pakistan

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Saturday, March 14, 2009

Revelations that a political assassination unit which reported solely to Dick Cheney was in operation during the Bush administration are absent the fact that the unit in question, the Joint Special Operations Command, has been active for decades, has been deployed domestically in the U.S., has killed U.S. citizens, and is an integral part of Barack Obamas expanded wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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1 comment:

  1. As the full details of his obsession with the torture program emerge, and as the gruesome nature of the actual torture becomes clearer, he knows he will go down in history as a war criminal, defined for all time as the man who took America and the West to the dark side with no easy way back. He's trying to prevent that with the usual bluff and bravado. But even Bush isn't buying all of it any longer.

    It seems to me that what we need is simply more disclosure of all the government knows about what Cheney and Bush did.

    What Panetta and Rudman need to do is to find out and publish as much as possible about the facts of the torture techniques and, more saliently, what the results of the torture program were. We need to see what actual actionable intelligence we got from it, to evaluate the balance between false information and accurate information, and to find out just how intimately Cheney was involved in orchestrating, monitoring and presiding over the torture, from whatever distance. Until we know more facts, we cannot fully assess the damage. Right now, we just have blanket assurances from the accused that they did nothing wrong and saved many lives. What if that isn't accurate?

    Cheney is out there hurting his party, hurting the president, and sowing fear - because he has to if he is to survive as anything but a pariah. The one thing he cannot stand is sunlight.

    Country first, my ass.