Thursday, April 2, 2009

Queen Elizabeth Spokesman: "First Lady Did Not Break Protocol" (Video)

My bad. Yesterday, I mocked Michelle Obama for her "etiquette hiccup" in touching the shoulder of Queen Elizabeth.

The British were outraged, so as an American with (thanfully) no interest or understanding of Royalty, took the British citizens for their word.

Today, Buckingham Palace issued a statement saying First Lady Michele Obama did not break protocol.

They site mutual affection and the informality of the occasion. My guess is that the Queen wanted to squash the idea that the First Lady did, in fact, commit a faux-pas.

Whatever. I still don't like Michelle. Up next: The White House statement stating that Queen Elizabeth did not break protocol by touching the "arse" of The Anointed One's wife.

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  1. Good stuff. But, it's cite not site for this usage.

  2. Well heck, Michael's arse was as high as the poor lady could reach.

  3. learn how to spell and use proper english you dope! I highly doubt anyone cares if you don't like Michelle. And I'm postive she could give a damn so quit being jealous and drink your beer!

  4. Anonymous - typical liberal plant sorry you spend your time posting from your basement on people's blog's. oh wait is that your mom calling you because it is bath time.....