Monday, March 30, 2009

VIDEO: Radio Host: "Blacks Believe in 90% of Republican Values"

Radio Talk Show Host Warren Ballentine says that "African Americans Believe in 90% of Republican Core Values" From Abortion to Gay Rights.

Really? Then why did 90% of blacks vote for Barack Obama?

Call me a racist but I have but one word: welfare.

Shocker! Obvious!

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  1. I'm glad you believe welfare is the reason why Blacks voted for Obama.

    That statement is one of many reasons why republicans will now be the minority party. Good luck with that.

    If you want to call yourself a racist that's fine, I rather use the word misinformed.

    Whites are the majority race on welfare. You should stop listening to that MSM that you conservatives complain about so much.

  2. I don't believe welfare is the only reason Blacks voted for Obama.

    I belive Blacks voted for him simply because of the historical significance of an African-American Commander-in-Chief.

    And as a white man, I cannot possibly understand the "yes we can" feeling that Blacks feel toward Barack -- despite my political beliefs I think if I were Black i'd be hard pressed NOT to vote for him.

    That said; if Blacks agree with conservative values at a 90% level then what is the reason Blacks historically vote for Democrats by such a huge margin?

    I'm not criticizing or being racist; I simply want your opinion as politically astute African-American.

    You're a smart guy, I feel, and I'm simply reaching out to gain a perspective into things.

  3. Be honest...
    black racism got Obama elected. I witnessed it on MANY occasions during the election, with blacks shouting out that 'white America' was going to know how they felt, now.
    What is that supposed to mean??
    What it says to me is that the race card that Obama played so completely and with such fervor during the election had it's intended effect.
    He stirred up the racist nature of the black community and used it to his advantage.
    Now we're reaping the results of their ignorant, thoughtless voting and we've got a bona fide Marxist in office, stripping down our nation, bit by bit.

  4. Changeagain asked "That said; if Blacks agree with conservative values at a 90% level then what is the reason Blacks historically vote for Democrats by such a huge margin?"

    Bottom line to me seems they are voting their self interest, just as if someone makes more than $250k they probably vote Republican. There is nothing wrong with that. The somewhat greater approachment on social issues (conservatives probably owe the defeat of Prop 8 in California to the higher than usual turnout) is more likely to be trumped by economic factors.

    I don't believe for a moment the leadership of the Republican Party is bigoted or racist, the fact is that they have typically used 'code' to stir white racist fears. Talk of states rights, welfare queens, small towns being the 'real america' are clear code-speak not denouncing more questionable language etc etc. As you note if you were black you'd probably vote for Obama and I'd ask you to think about if you were black why you would seriously consider voting for Republicans on the track record.

    I can see the political tactic of conceding the black vote in 2008, but I don't think the Republican party has shown any seriousness toward including blacks in its coalition (and don't tell me picking Steele is a sufficent step) so I think this is more than just Obama.

    Are a majority of blacks likely to go republican in the next 2 or 3 Presidential elections, probably not. However if you can cut them from 95% democratic to say 80% (just pulling number out of the air), you will (a) force the Democratic Party to play defense on the issue (b) you will make it harder for Obama in states like VA, NC and Indiana in 2012.

    And by the way my comments about lack of seriousness for conservative in competing for black votes also applies to Hispanic votes where I think conservatives may have won the battle on immigration refort but in a manner that has lost them the Hispanic vote.