Tuesday, March 31, 2009

VIDEO: Senator Says "Private Insurance Companies Are Not About Supplying Health Care"

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has some interesting opinions about healthcare while questioning tax cheat and HHS nominee Kathleen Sebelius today.

Well, at least we know why they want to shove national healthcare down our throats.

Right, because that's proven to be sooo successful in providing great care.

Why do these Liberals like Sanders (don't let the "Independent" label fool you) have to constantly attack and demonize a company for making a profit?

Or, right, because that would support capitalism and contradict their communist, totalitarian agenda.

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  1. You should highlight the area that coincides with your headline...don't make people eat 6 minutes in their lives to hear the offending comment.

  2. Whoa! Didn't realize you were so damn busy!

    And if, um, you actually watched the video you would realize that the relevant comments are at the beginning.

    And screw you! 6 minutes of your life is well worth the investment in learning about the Liberal take-over of America.

    If you don't like my site, then don't come back, buddy!

    I'm just trying to educate the masses. Sorry to waste your precious time. Didn't mean to take 6 minutes away from you.

    Wow, and here I thought that only the Liberals were into a quick fix, feed me now, sound bite, internet culture.

    I thought conservatives had an attention span greater than a wet paper bad.

    Learn something new everyday, I guess.