Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daniel Hannan Asks G20 Protestor 'I Know What You Are Against. What Are You For?' (Video)

This is the guy who scolded British PM Gordon Brown, saying "you have run out of our money!"

This guy is the best! An international star for fiscal conservatism.

He appeared on Glenn Beck today to discuss the violent protests in London at the G20 summit.

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  1. This is now rising fast on YouTube and was the speech that preceded Daniel Hannan's:

    and if you want to know more about Nigel this was at a recent 'Town Hall meeting;

    Why failed politicians always go to heaven:

    Please embed these if you like them.

    Many thanks

  2. Funny video in a way. But surely not all them protesters are like that, I hope? But of course, it's much easier to "be against" whatever is at the present then come up with a solution, or at least have a fair idea what to do if people were given the chance.