Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rachel Maddow Celebrates Iowa Gay Marriage Ruling (Video)

Maddow gets excited over Iowa Gay Marriage ruling which stated it is unconstitutional to prevent gay marriage under the equal protection statute.

Now, the gay man Maddow, can finally marry that sexy gay male lover of hers.

What's that? She's not a dude? Okay, so she can move to Iowa and chew all the grass she wants now!

Is that wrong of me? Did I cross a line?

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  1. First of all, Ms. Maddow resides in Massachusetts. She's had the right to marry her partner for years.

    And second, how can you say at the top of your blog that you support "Self-evident Freedoms Provided by Our Founding Fathers and The Constitution. Personal Freedom and Liberty. Strong National Defense. Limited Government. Freedom of Speech. Support The Bill of Rights." and object to the Constitution being upheld?

  2. "Is that wrong of me? Did I cross a line?"

    You have exposed to the world what a moron you are. That itself is worth the price of admission.

  3. Tis better to keep one's mouth shut and be perceived a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    Her politics are fair game but this attack is offensive.

  4. Don't be so 90's!

  5. From Samuel Johnson’s Rambler essay No. 31, “The defence of a known mistake highly culpable”:

    The certain and obstinate opposition, which we may observe made to confutation, however clear, and to reproof, however tender, is an undoubted argument, that some dormant privilege is thought to be attacked; for as no man can lose what he neither possesses, nor imagines himself to possess, or be defrauded of that to which he has no right, it is reasonable to suppose that those who break out into fury at the softest contradiction, or the slightest censure, since they apparently consider themselves injured, must fancy some antient immunity violated, or some natural prerogative invaded. To be mistaken, if they thought themselves liable to mistake, could not be considered either shameful or wonderful, and they would not receive with so much emotion intelligence which only informed them of what they knew before, nor struggle with such earnestness against an attack that deprived them of nothing to which they held themselves entitled.

  6. Marriage is between man and woman. Looks like you gays want to rewrite the definition of marriage. America will never accept your lifestyle but will tolerate it to an extent. I believe you guys have enough rights but marriage is under religious jurisdiction and no religion on earth recognizes same sex couples as a "real" marriage. Call me what u want but you know im right. You dont like it? Move to cuba :-)