Sunday, March 29, 2009

VIDEO: Michael Steele On "Compromise" With Liberals "Why Would I Do That"?

RNC Chair Michael Steele tells CNN: "Now you're asking me to compromise my principles, why would I want to do that?"

In another part of the same interview released yesterday, he said he was "done" trying to reach out to President Obama.

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  1. I will never forget how when on a TV interview the guy interviewing Steele called Republicans Nazis, all Steele could do was to nod in agreement.

    As long as Michael Steele is around I know I will not and nether will most the people I talk to, will ever support any Republican candidate.

    After all, according to Steele supporting Republicans makes one a Nazi. Yeah, strange position indeed for the head of the RNC. Strange way of rebuilding the party!

  2. Here's a question.

    Why would I ever support a political party whose head considers me a Nazi?

    I guess that makes my grandfather a nazi for supporting Reagan back in 1980 and 1984. I miss my grandfather but I am glad that he isn't around to hear this. He actually fought the Nazis. You know in Germany. Killed them by the bushel. Got injured and that injury caused him pain up to his death but still he worked hard for Republicans and Republican causes.

    And now Steele says he was a Nazi? He can go to hell. I hate Obama but not even Obama has called my grandfather a Nazi. But Steele did or at the very least didn't speak up to defend my grandfather (and myself and every other republican) when the guy interviewing him called him one.

    Sorry, anti-Obama doesn't make me pro-Republican as look at how Bush started this whole bailout thing. And now Steele nodding his head as people call Republicans Nazis?

    As long as Steele is RNC chair I won't even think of voting for another Republican. Look at what they did when they were in control of the House. RUNAWAY spending. Yeah the Democrats are now doing the same but the point is the Republicans have shown in the last two decades that there isn't really a significant amount of difference between them and the Democrats.

    So, yeah, I am anti-Obama but that doesn't make me pro Republican. In fact of the two I find the Republicans more dangerous because they are the wolf in sheeps clothing!

  3. Ho many of these comments were written buy you Liberal Drive by's. Especially since these chicken sh...t's did the writing with out revealing who they are!
    You liberal media are Communist in the bucket for O'Dumbo. If You are itching for a civil WAR you will have oe soon!


  4. I don't know why it took Michael Steele so long to realize that the Obama administration has no interest in "getting along." They only want to call any opposition the "No" party