Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Couric Says Violent G20 Protestors Are Experiencing "Populist Anger" (Video)

Katie Couric equates violent protests in London with Americans "anger" over banks and Wall Street. She says protests showcase "populist anger" towards governments who are "not doing enough for the poor"?

Who's angry? President Obama and Tim Geithner and their war on capitalism?

At least Obama is not literally throwing bricks down on Wall Street, but the Liberals may as well start breaking stuff.

President Obama, in a blatant abuse on his constitutional Executive power, felt it necessary to fire GM CEO Rick Wagoner this week.

Tim Geithner unveiled a plan last week, designed to give Treasury Department the ability to take over financial institutions at the Secretary's choosing.

Recently, a bill has been introduced in Congress, HR 1664 Grayson-Himes Pay For Performance Act of 2009, which aims to cap pay which is not performance based and any and all employees who work for companies receiving bailout dollars.

It's a power grab to redistribute wealth, penalize the successful and establish a communistic "equality" among Americans.

Regulation = control and power.

Team "O" wants to destroy free market capitalism. There is ample proof of Obama's war on investors. Welcome to The United Socialist States of America (USSA).

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