Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rachel Maddow Grills Colin Powell on Torture Authorization In Bush Admin. (Video)

Rachel Maddow interviews Colin Powell of whom she says "his approval rating are as high as Dick Cheney's are low".

This is interesting, vile, disgusting and nauseating on so many levels.

Enjoy! Bring your barf bag!

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  1. She's just blabbering.

    The whole discourse is nothing but a cr*p.

    Any gullible person who watched this will be warped by such toxic drivel.

    Be careful on what you wish for Ms. Maddow?

    If Mr. Obama follows your advice, it will destroy his ability to govern especially in hard times.

  2. I mean, it's only the constitution and every international treaty Bush/Cheney broke, I mean what does rule of law mean anyway?

  3. Is it "vile, disgusting and nauseating" to see Powell squirm his way out of simply saying:

    "We authorized torture. It was illegal, dishonorable, horrible and cruel. We are guilty. And those who did so should pay for their crimes. We executed those who did this to our soldiers in World War II. Bush and Cheney and others should face conviction for their war crimes."

    Cam somebody who committed these acts just stand up and admit they were wrong? That they hurt and killed others with their actions? That the flawed legal framework used by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld violated international conventions that truly great and compassionate leaders helped frame after similar WWII abuses on US soldiers?

    Now THAT would bring honor to the United States.

    Nobody in the Bush/Cheney White House has the honor or the guts to do it. They are liars, thieves, elitists, out-of-touch abusers of the Constitution, greedy and self-centered, violators of the Bill of Rights, and moral degenerates all.

    Check out my article on Powell's comments, Bush/Cheney war crimes and torture at:

  4. Your own blog is dedicated to "Protecting Self-evident Freedoms Provided by Our Founding Fathers and The Constitution."

    Do you support the hypocrisy of the White House Torture Gang--Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Gonzales? They violated the primary self-evident freedom: writ of habeas corpus.

    Why are Bush and his crew exempt from the rule of law, while Japanese soldiers who tortured US prisoners aren't? See Paul Begala's post at:

    Well, you might get your way in part, as the lawyers who crafted the torture memos--one of whom, John Yoo, has been harshly criticized by his peers (his betters, actually--his boss is Dean of UC Berkeley's law school, Christopher Edley, Jr.) for shoddy legal work--seem likely to escape with mere censure by the bar:

    You can thank Obama for this. Maybe won't prove as great a President as he can be. Wow, Obama as a friend of the conservative torture support team? That's very odd.

    Why is it so many conservatives just aren't very smart about spotting idiotic contradictios in thinking? Maybe their ideology trumps reason? Is it more important to run with the herd than be correct, factual, truthful?

    So why does Rush Limbaugh spout on and on about being such a great critical thinker? Lies, lies...puffery to make money. He's only in it for the cash.

    Rush Windbag is a huge mouth with a vast financial engine behind it. That's why he's successful, not because he's smart or decent or honest--because he's usually not.

    Avoiding facts doesn't make for a good argument. And it means you'll eventually lose to the better thinkers.

  5. To Think Life:

    The Japanese version of waterboarding involved filling a person's stomach with water, jumping on top of them to make them vomit. They often used salt water which led to death.

    Big difference from the E.I.T. used by the CIA on terrorists.

    Second, citing Paul Begala as a reliable reference is a joke. He is the biggest Liberal hack out there. There are many more Liberals with more credibility so you should keep that in mind when making a point.

    Yes, this blog is committed to the Constitution -- a lesson your Obama should learn quickly since he took an oath to protect and defend it!

    Finally, you Libs are the ones who ignore facts; that's how your Dear Leader was elected in the first place. Enjoy it while it lasts as it will be short lived. America is already waking up to its One Big Ass Mistake and it's only been 4 months.