Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Look at "Bruno" Trailer, New "Borat" Creator Sacha Baron Cohen Film (Video)

The Sun reports:

In the film, which opens on July 10, British comic Cohen plays a gay Austrian TV presenter called Bruno.

The trailer shows Bruno on a talk show with his black adopted baby saying: “I gave him a traditional African name - OJ.”

A shocked Afro-Caribbean member of the audience jumps up and replies: “What?”

It is clear that Americans have again been taken in by Cohen’s disguise, even though Borat made the actor a household name by taking £185million at the box office.

In one scene a self defence expert takes Bruno seriously as he waves a sex toy at him and says: “How do you protect yourself from a dildo?”


While four men in camoflauge outfits do not take well to his suggestion that “you are so like The Sex and the City girls”.

Cohen again shows he is not afraid of wild sexual encounters.

He is whipped by a busty topless woman who tells him to “take it off now”.

The movie is facing an adults only certification in the US due to the sexually explicit material. Some scenes might have to be cut so Bruno can be seen by a wider audience.

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