Sunday, March 15, 2009

VIDEO: Olbermann Accuses Cheney of Running "Executive Assassination Ring”

Keith talks to Howard Fineman about Sy Hersh's claim that Cheney was running a secret assassination ring.

Red State reports:

Cownell alum Keith Olbermann has a tough job. Imagine going on TV every night and trying to outdo your own prior outrage. I mean, once you’ve called someone worse than the Nazis you really got nowhere to go but down.

So it is that, with the audacity of a dope, our intrepid Cownell grad Keith went on the air two nights in a row hissy-fitting that Dick Cheney was running an “assassination ring” out of his office. Yes, seriously. An “executive assassination ring” he called it. If you can’t picture old Keith getting worked up about writing this story then you don’t know him very well, and for that … my envy knows no bounds; count yourself among the blessed. For the rest of us, we’ve seen the clips and heard Olbermann’s nightly hyperventilation about … well everything, enough to know that he may have actually passed out a few times working on the “executive assassination ring” story. And with Dark Lord Cheney making waves anew, and Keith assiduously avoiding other news, it’s a cinch Olbermann has more “two minutes hate” for Cheney on the way.


Cheney Assassination Unit Still Active Under Obama, Including Domestically
Joint Special Operations Command comprises Delta Force personnel that have killed U.S. citizens and acted in support of Obamas expanded war in Pakistan

Paul Joseph Watson
Saturday, March 14, 2009

Revelations that a political assassination unit which reported solely to Dick Cheney was in operation during the Bush administration are absent the fact that the unit in question, the Joint Special Operations Command, has been active for decades, has been deployed domestically in the U.S., has killed U.S. citizens, and is an integral part of Barack Obamas expanded wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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