Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama implementing a "maximum wage"?

Targeting individuals because they do not agree with the policy or popular opinion is the first step to the destruction of this nation. While it may be unpopular to support these retention bonuses, I DO. These were commitments that were made for performing a specific function in relation to the services provided by these individuals.

Individuals, our government has begun to target individuals, does this frighten anyone as much at is frightening me? What have we done? What have we become? What will we be? This congress and this administration just crossed the line of our personal freedoms. It will not stop ether this I can assure you, they will not stop until they have defined their version of a "maximum wage". That is right,their objective is to have a maximum wage, but don't tell our president who set up a $500,000 book deal after his election, remember these rules do not apply to him.

there are many who still believe in this administration but that will change with each piece of liberty that is taken from us. Each piece of our children's future and each piece of their children's future. It is time to wake up to what is going on and stop the blind admiration!

Support him if you like, but please, please question him and have the guts to question these decisions and policies. Follow closely what is happening not just what you hear in the main street media. Look beyond the smoke and mirrors at the man behind the curtain. I heard for 6 years about the disgust from the left that the previous administration lied. Obama and his administration lie day after day and the left allows it because the pride of their decisions has blinded their judgement. Listen closely, it is okay. Time to move behind pride and accept what is right and what is wrong. This administration is wrong, period.

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  1. "These were commitments that were made for performing a specific function in relation to the services provided by these individuals."

    So I assume you will agree that you should fully honor the UAW contracts with GM and FOrd? A contract is a contract, right?

  2. Yes the way the current contracts are written. As goes with AIG and other's. if you read the article a little closer I do it is not an attack on contracts but on Individuals rights. Your damn right if congress did this to UAW workers i would be helpinh the "Individual" UAW employee fight.

    This is not about if they should have recieved bonuses this is about taking indivdual rights away. we will see how quickly you tune chages when it reaches your home, your family and your wallet.