Sunday, March 15, 2009

VIDEO: Chris Wallace Mocks Barney Frank Again!

I get the feeling Chris Wallace doesn't care for Barney. Yesterday, Fox aired a promo for today's "Fox News Sunday" which labelled Barney as "Wep. Barney Frank" instead of "Rep."

Today, Wepwesentative Bawney Fwank tries to argue with Sen. Bob Corker and Wallace gets another shot it on Frank.

(For the record, I do not agree with whomever posted this on You Tube; I think Frank received the smacking from Wallace.)

Sen. Bob Corker implied that Democrats were considering a new stimulus package this morning on Fox News Sunday.

At 1:23 mark:
"Still the major issue in our country is credit and its very difficult for me to believe were considering talking about another so-called stimulus package when, in fact, we still have not dealt seriously with the credit issue. That is absolutely incredible to me," said Corker.

Barney Frank, responded at 4:00 mark (after Moody's Economist Mark Zandi)
"Chris, Chris, excuse me, but can I respond to Bob Corkers partisan attack in the name of partisanship? Because the fact is nobody in the administration or on our side in Congress is focusing on the second stimulus. We only answered that when asked about it."

Chris Wallace seemed reluctant to let Frank rebut the charges.
"Congressman, can we turn to the — I know you like to talk substance," said Wallace.

Frank responds "Well, Chris, dont let political attacks go,"

"If you'd rather get into a food fight, Congressmen Frank, go ahead," said Wallace, "You wanna talk about the budget or you want to get into a food fight?"

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  1. He should ask frank about "Releasing Collateral for Credit Derivatives"