Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scorecard: RNC $5.1 Million; DNC $3.26 Million in Fundraising

Michael Steele, despite marred in a Rush Limbaugh faux-media-induced scandal, out-raised his Lib counterpart Tim Kaine!

The Revolution will not be televised!

In its first full month under the chairmanship of Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, the Democratic National Committee only raised $3.26 million in February, according to figures released by the committee this afternoon.

The total lags behind the February fundraising total at the Republican National Committee, which raised $5.1 million during the month.

RNC chairman Michael Steele, who faced a tumultuous first month as chairman, will get to claim an early fundraising victory over his Democratic counterpart.

The DNC fundraising total is down considerably from the $5.5 million the committee raised two years ago under former chairman Howard Dean. A Democratic operative notes that the low total isn’t surprising, given that Kaine faced limits on his fundraising with the Virginia General Assembly in session.

The committee has also not utilized President Obama's formidable e mail list, Organizing for America, for fundraising. And Obama has not yet hosted any fundraisers for the DNC.

The DNC now has $8.6 million in its campaign coffers, and holds $6.9 million in debt. The RNC has over $24 million cash-on-hand.

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