Thursday, March 19, 2009

VIDEO: Laura Ingraham Destroys Immigration Activist

I haven't seen a beating like this since Rodney King! Sorry, is that not PC?

Filling in for Bill O'Reilly tonight, Laura Ingraham KO's Caroline Murray an illegal immigration activist.

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  1. Unamerican to keep Pelosi in office. Perhaps we could export her?

  2. I was crazed by this woman. I even went to her blog and was going to post a comment seconds after watching her, but like the many liberal idiots she would never HEAR what I was saying only that I did not agree with her crazy opinion. I work in an industry that is faced daily with illegal immigrants. I feel for the path that they have had to live that brought them here ILLEGALY yet I realize that turning a blind eye to it and giving them a job is also ILLEGAL. It is not until we ALL start doing our part to do what is right will things take a turn for the better in our country.

    Thanks for your sight!! I am glad I found it and am sure will become a fan.


  3. This so called immigration activist was so far out of line I almost got ill watching her. If stopping immigration raids is acting boldly and wisely Obama is dumber than I thought he was. 13 million out of work and now Obama wants to give more jobs to the 7 million illegals now working in this country. A rasmussen poll done just today shows that 67% of Americans want immigration laws enforced. I suggest that the 67% who want immigration laws enforced and the 13 million unemployed Americans all write, phone and email Obama and your state legislators to demand our immigration laws be enforced. This action by Obama is appalling and will hurt American families.
    Port Angeles, WA

  4. Laura Ingraham: "bla bla bla" I cant hear you. Wow, and you call yourself a journalist?? This is the most unprofessional anchor I've ever seen.

  5. We need comprehensive illegal alien’s roundup and deportations. Plus we need to close off all immigration completely for at least 10 years. Employers that hire illegal’s should be fined one thousand dollars for each illegal and a second violation should result in a revoke of there business license and a ten thousand dollar fine. If this does not happen the US will turn into a third world country since it will be made up of third world people.

  6. We don't need or want Mexico's poverty, illiteracy and crime! Mexico's 20 million plus illegals cost us 50-100 billion per year, states & federal gov., for welfare and crime. If only 8-10 million illegals are working, what are the other 12 million illegals doing? If we enforced our immigrations laws it would open up 8-10 million jobs for Americans in this crisis! It's estimated 75% of these illegals do not have a high school education, and i thought we wanted to eradicate illiteracy in America?
    Dan Bergstrom
    Seattle, Wa.

  7. When an alien resides with you in your land, do not molest him.

    You shall treat the alien who resides with you no differently than the natives born among you; have the same love for him as for yourself

  8. Love Him For Yourself? What's wrong with you? You think they are cute and cuddly?

    E.T. Phone Home?