Tuesday, March 17, 2009

VIDEO: Letterman Blasts Bristol Palin's Break-Up; Uses Her For A Cheap Laugh

Whatever your opinion is of Sarah Palin or her daughter, this is flat out immoral and wrong,

Screw you Letterman! How dare you! You feel better about yourself for mocking a young girl with a baby! Fu*k you! You want to blast Sarah Palin? Fine!

But leave her kids out of it you ass!

"Levi Johnston is saying that we're just not ready for marriage and I thought that makes sense because the mother really wasn't ready to be Vice President either...Levi says that before he gets married, he has to grow up and i was thinking...like I have to say it..."

Scroll to the 3:50 mark for the relevant comments of the Palins.

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  1. Why not? She used her children as props for the election.

  2. Letterman reminds me of the hype existing these days in entertainment industry for big lips.....that is to say he is fake, I mean "FAKE" like the snake telling EVE to eat the apple. That is all I can say here and not get 'censored'.....

  3. Letterman has been an a$$ for a very long time, so it is not surprising that he would attack a kid. I'd like to see him mouth off like that to Gov. Palin's face.

  4. First the Dave Letterman routine mentioning Bristol Palin was very poorly delivered and just not funny. He is getting a little long in the tooth and when he can’t remember the punch line maybe it is time to retire. Wondering across the stage going ah ah cough, cough, ah ah cough, ah until someone could give him a name left a lot to be desire for a “comic” routine. Moral issues aside.

  5. I wish Bristol and her baby all the best, that said it was her Mom that used her as a prop and put her in. If you have a beef, take it up with the Guv'nor

  6. Ditto! Anonymous said...

    "Why not? She used her children as props for the election".

    Furthermore I don't think a 17 yr old single mommy counts as a "young girl". It also seems to me that I have for years hear underaged black girls with babies mocked by right wing pundits and politicians.

    I'm surprised Letterman did not mention a 17 year old single mommy thinking she had the creditability to speak to other teenagers about teen pregnancy. That last interview where she talked about it but did not want to talk about it was hilarious. Maury Povich should have invited her and her mom as guest on his show. LMAO.

  7. Dave Letterman is an a$$ for picking on children. Obama's kids were off limits to these liberals. The Media pulled Sarah Pahlin's kids in to the lime light with a Horse S___ story(lie). When she defended her kids from the media lies, "Then she was using her kids as props". you left wing ___ make me sick. Go help P BO spend spend spend, I guess that makes you feel better.

  8. I really hope somebody punches him out...now that would be comedy to me..he is a bully and a coward..the child is 18 and he thinks he can just kick the crap out of her like she was Blago? Please somebody out there..give this punk what he deserves.

  9. I really don't understand why people are upset at Letterman for "attacking a child". She's not a child, and he didn't attack her. He made worse comments about Macaulay Culkin 15 years ago.