Thursday, March 19, 2009

Geithner Admits He Asked Dodd For AIG Bonus Amendment

Wait a minute, I thought they didn't know about these bonuses until March 5th?

So, he lied? The tax cheat lied? No way!?

The bonus contracts were written in March of last year and included a provision that required most bonuses to amount to 100 percent of their 2007 bonuses.

Are we to believe that this was not known when Tim Geithner brokered the AIG bailout last fall?

No wonder people are calling for his resignation!

Not only is Wonder Boy Geithner naive and incompetent, he is dishonest!

POLITICO reports:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner acknowledged Thursday that his department asked Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) to insert language in a stimulus bill that would ensure AIG workers would get their bonuses.

Already under fire for his handling of the issue, Geithner said Treasury officials spoke with Dodd about a provision to the economic stimulus bill that would protect the AIG bonuses, because government officials were concerned about lawsuits from AIG employees.

“But we also worked with him to strengthen the overall framework,” Geithner said. “And his bill has this very important provision we’re relying on now to go back and see if we can recoup payments that were made that there was no legal ability to block.”

Dodd said this week that he inserted the bonus provision after a Treasury official asked for it. He refused to name who at Treasury made the request – and Geithner also refused to name names, but indicated that it was not him personally.

“I did have with other officials some conversations with Chairman Dodd as he was going through this process, but other provisions,” Geithner told CNN’s Ali Velshi.

Really? So Dodd lied. Geithner lied. But Obama is innocent?


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