Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rep. Hoekstra Responds to Pelosi's Lies: Pelosi Placed Politics Over National Security! (Video)

This is the bigger news of the day -- we all know she is a liar -- but that fact that the Speaker of the House is solely concerned about electing a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President. She all but admits she does not care about America, national security or anything else she was elected to do.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra blasts Pelosi for her comments indicating that her position as Speaker is solely to win elections! And that she didn't have the time to focus on national security!

Too busy to focus on national security? Madame Speaker is third in line to the Presidency of The United States! She better damn well know what's going on in all facets of government!

Rep. Hoekstra also appeared today with Shep Smith, who clearly "Does Not Fucking Torture". Shep tried to goat him into saying waterboarding is torture, but Hoekstra would not bite.

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