Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ruh-Roh?!? Does Cheney Know Something Obama Doesn't? (Video)

I know something you don't know... what do you think America? Please respond in the comments.

This is a great "thread" topic!

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  1. There are no doubt a good many things Cheney knows that Obama doesn't know...as far as that goes,there are a good many things that I myself know that Obama doesn't know....if you read between the lines (on his teleprompter),it is readily apparent that outside of his ability to shuck and jive,he is a profoundly ignorant man....so to assert that Cheney knows something that Obama doesn't is to state the obvious

  2. 0bama can't even shuck and jive without his teleprompter... his attempts fall flat and make him look brainless.