Thursday, May 14, 2009

Minority Leader John Boehner: "Hard for Me to Imagine" CIA Would Mislead Congress (Video)

House Minority Leade John Boehner responds to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's most recent BS about what she knew and when she knew it concerning E.I.T.

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  1. Rep. John Boehner, I was so very proud of you when you gave your speech just before the voting on Sunday night. You had the guts to say what every red blooded American felt. Of course, I didn't hear where you had gotten a ride on AirForceI. Can you imagine trading your vote for something as important as this bill, changing our entire
    lives? What in the world do the American people mean? We, also, need to do some cleaning out in November. Thanks again for representing so many of the TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    Brenda Shipley
    117 Gothard St.
    Sale Creek, TN 37373
    (423) 332-2407