Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough "America Less Safe With Obama" (Video)

Scarborough: "I knew by the second day [of The Obama Administration] that America was less safe."

It took you that long, Joe? I figured it out on Election Day!

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1 comment:

  1. Morning Joe and His Bride of Frankenstein Mika are part of the Council on Foreign Relations and the spokespersons. Joe uses Rock n' Roll as his motif and yet he is the antithesis of that genre. Mika has her father and Richard Haas (Pres of CFR) on their show weekly, this group has an agenda to subvert the US Constitution and replace it with fascism for elitist spoiled children like Joe and Mika. Zbignew Brezinski is the person who started the Afghan war for Russia and the US, he is Rockafella's be-atch and they have one agenda to subvert Repub and Dem parties into one party, the Grand Ole Nazi Party (GONP). Look at America, we now look like Nazi's, complete with torture videos and photos, wars of aggression based on lies, concentration camps (Gitmoschwitz and Abu grave) and the removal of the Peoples’ rights (removal of habeas, the antipatriotic act, etc.). Zbignew backed Obama to power, he plays either side well, he backed Bush and then when things went sour he switched like the gay ole man he is. Lies, lies and lies, all spun mostly by the CFR and propagandized to the American Idiot by people like Joe and Mika. These same Nazi’s are also behind the financial market manipulation to rob the people and bankrupt the People.
    The People must rid the government of those who belong to anti American cults like Skull and Bones and CFR, they truly are ruining the country and laughing all the way to the bank, while stealing grandma's 401k. They are sick and demented people who have usurped democracy for personal gain, as they are too wrapped in their elitist (unearned unless you call daddy earning it) delusions of grandeur to have a day job and earn a living, so ripping off hard working Americans is their only way. Imagine, this New World Order based on Hitler’s philosophies is the best our Ivy League kids could come up with in their secret (not so secret anymore) cults.
    Joe and Mika should be tried with the rest of these anti Americans’ for their part in spreading falsified propaganda that they get spoon fed to them from the CFR controllers of the media. Stand up America now before we go further into Nazi America and forever regret our complacency to these idiots. War criminals that conspire to usurp democracy should be tried for treason, war crimes and conspiracy. Anyone who thinks torture is ok is a tortured soul and was most likely a part of the conspiracy, Joe, Mika and the whole crew of Fox (Fixed) News should thus be tried for conspiracy to manipulate and promulgate false propaganda to go to war and to cover up for war criminal like Zbignew and his buddies. If guilty, hang them high, as no one is above the law, although they are trying hard to get such status. Obama and his flip-flops on torture and now military commissions, shows he is getting his marching orders from the same folks who gave Bush his.
    As always, nooses for the hangings free @
    Best - Eliot Bernstein
    PS - All these news casters who have no journalistic integrity should be shut down, along with the new lip servicing playboy models who spew out whatever is fed into their ears by those behind the scenes, let's get journalism back with investigative reporters who are unafraid to take on real reporting on real news.