Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boo Hoo! Keith Olbermann Attacks Blogger For Reporting Rumors About Him (Video)

Man up, Keith! For all the vile, hateful personal attacks you have launched over the years, I have no sympathy. Karma is a bitch, eh?

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann attacks a blogger from Cityfile for reporting rumors about him and his mother's death. And also a fight between him and Rachel Maddow over who got to interview actor Ben Affleck.

With all due sympathy to Olbermann over his mother's recent death, he has unintentionally legitimized Cityfile. If it were me, I would take the high road and settle my grievance with the website in private.

But that would be un-Alinsky of Olbermann to do. When it doubt, pick the target, personalize it, polarize it.

Finally, for Olbermann to question anyone's journalistic integrity is like Barack Obama or Joe Biden questioning our patriotism.

One more thing... at the end of the clip, Olbermann takes a completely unnecessary and unfounded attack at Fox News.

Meltdown with Keith Olbermann by Cityfile

If you regularly tune in to Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, you may remember that Olbermann was mysteriously absent from the show for three days at the end of April. But Olbermann didn't just "have the night off," as David Shuster, his fill-in, said on the air three evenings in a row. According to a source inside MSNBC, it was a bizarre temper tantrum on Olbermann's part that led him to storm off the set in protest. Even stranger: The drama was all Ben Affleck's fault.

Olbermann was not scheduled to take a vacation at the end of April. But he ended up missing three shows: Friday, April 17; Monday; April 20, and Tuesday, April 21. It's what happened on April 16, though, that prompted Olbermann to exit MSNBC's studios in such a rage.

According to a source at the network, Olbermann was livid when he learned that Rachel Maddow had booked Ben Affleck as a guest on her show. Olbermann, it turns out, had been interested in having Affleck on his show, too, and when he heard that Maddow's producers had secured the actor instead, he demanded that the interview be switched from Maddow's nine o'clock broadcast to his own an hour earlier. Maddow and her staff have been known to politely give in to Olbermann's whims in the past—it was Olbermann, after all, who helped bring Maddow to the network. This time, however, they didn't budge. (With ratings for Maddow's show a bit lackluster as of late, parting with an A-list celebrity guest isn't a decision to be made lightly.) Olbermann took the matter to senior management at MSNBC and NBC Universal and asked that they step in and "correct" the situation. That didn't happen, though, and Affleck went on Maddow's show as scheduled on Thursday, April 16. And Olbermann's three-day protest commenced the next day.

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  1. So you're mad a a guy who took time off because his mom died? I guess you're a compassionate conservative.

  2. Um...dude's mom died. I'm pretty conservative but I am not going down this road. Don't like the guy but this is way over the line. Cityfile looks like someone covering their ass after bad reporting.

  3. Olbermann claimed he took the time off to mourn his mother. Problem is, his mother died some time before his three-day absence. Now he's hiding behind his dead mother to explain his behavior. Pretty low, even for Olbermann.

  4. So you pathetic conservatives are going to criticize a man for taking time off from work after his beloved mother sudden gets cancer and dies within 2 weeks??? WOW...

  5. "Finally, for Olbermann to question anyone's journalistic integrity, is like Barack Obama or Joe Biden questioning our patriotism"

    Curious... when did that ever happen? Because I remember plenty of times Bush, Cheney and their cohorts over at Fox questioning the patriotism of people like me on a near daily basis. Hell that still happens even today.

    Since I'm unfamiliar with your website here, I would ask that you please offer a link to any threads you created that shows your willingness to see it both ways... and I'll leave any mention of hypocrisy until then.

    captfoster - you can see me at MMfA and BuzzFlash as well