Saturday, May 16, 2009

Michelle Obama Commencement Speech At University Of California-Merced (Complete Video)

More rhetorical pro-socialist propaganda from "Team O". Enjoy!

Excerpts from The First Lady's speech, from NY Times.

Thank you so much, Class of 2009. (Applause.) All I can say is wow, and good afternoon, everyone.

Sham Wow!

I want to thank Dick for that lovely introduction. He makes for a good companion when you have to go to an inauguration.

Uh huh huh...

Merced's make-up may have changed over the years, but its values and character have not -- long, hot days filled with hard work by generations of men and women of all races who wanted an opportunity to build a better life for their children and their grandchildren; hardworking folks who believed that access to a good education would be their building blocks to a brighter future.

Wait. Doesn't that contradict your husband's anti-success, anti-capitalism "America Sucks" rhetoric last week as ASU?

You know, I grew up in one of those communities with similar values. Like Merced, the South Side of Chicago is a community where people struggled financially, but worked hard, looked out for each other and rallied around their children.

And utilized a pay-to-play mafia mentality; hence my rise to First Lady.

The institution [University of Chicago] made no effort to reach out to me –- a bright and promising student in their midst –- and I had no reason to believe there was a place for me there.

Newsflash, Michelle: It is a private institution and therefore has no obligations to do any outreach is does not choose to do. Like many major Universities, University of Chicago does plenty of community service. Just because you were not personally touched, does not make them a bad place. The government cannot and should not mandate to them where their charity goes!

And in less than a year, through that position, I worked with others to build the university's first Office of Community Service.

And henceforth began my career in "No -Show" jobs where I made a lot of money.

Now, let me tell you, careers focused on lifting up our communities –- whether it's helping transform troubled schools or creating after-school programs or training workers for green jobs -– these careers are not always obvious, but today they are necessary. Solutions to our nation's most challenging social problems are not going to come from Washington alone. Real innovation often starts with individuals who apply themselves to solve a problem right in their own community. That's where the best ideas come from.

Yup. Here we go. Pimp the "community organizer" industry. Make no mistake. "Non Profits" like ACORN are every bit as interested in making a buck as any other industry. Also note, "community" and "communism" share the shame root word. Just saying.

And then there's Van Jones, who recently joined the Obama administration, a special adviser to the President on green jobs. Van started out as a grassroots organizer and became an advocate and a creator of "green collar" jobs –- jobs that are not only good for the environment, but also provide good wages and career advancement for both skilled and unskilled workers; jobs similar to the ones being created right here at UC Merced as this green campus continues to grow.

Van Jones is a hack who doesn't know his ass from his elbow and lied this past week about so-called "green jobs"

The President has asked Congress to provide $50 million in seed capital to fund great ideas like the ones I just described. The Office is going to identify the most promising, results-oriented non-profit programs and expand their reach throughout the country.

What's another $50 Million? Besides, Barack owes the "non-profit" industry for helping to elect him!

And you will definitely have your share of setbacks. Count on it. Your best laid plans will be consumed by obstacles. Your excellent ideas will be peppered with flaws. You will be confronted with financial strains as your loans become due and salaries fall short of both expectations and expenses.

"Like when my husbands debt to the country come due and the nation becomes bankrupt with inflation and stagflation."

Look, I know a little something about the power of hope. My husband knows a little something about the power of hope.

No comment, except so does Bill "I still believe in a place called Hope" Clinton.

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  1. Your ill-informed rant is without substance or merit. The FLOTUS agreed to be their speaker after students, faculty and staff met her 2009 challenge to complete 100,000 hours of community service. Actually, by the time she took the stage, they had volunteered 163,980 hours of community service to uplift their fellow Americans.

    There are vitally important issues to take a stand on my dear, but this is not one of them.