Friday, May 15, 2009

Robert Gibbs Punts On Pelosi/CIA Feud. Fox News White House Reporter Major Garret Gets Snippy With Fellow Reporter (Video)

Major Garret blasts another reporter for his slobbering liberal bias.

After asking a series of questions on various topics including Guantanamo Bay, Fox News White House Correspondent Major Garret asks Robert Gibbs to comment on Nancy Pelosi's saying the CIA are liars.

"I appreciate the invitation to get involved, but I'm not gonna RSVP," he said.

Immediately after, the next reporter complains that Garret stole all of his questions!

"He asked all of them already," he complained.

To which Gibbs replied, "Can I go now?"

Garret then issues a beat down to the other reporter: "I forgot, my job as a journalist is to ask questions, I'm sorry..."

To date, Major Garret and ABC's Jake Tapper have been leading the quest for the truth against Chief Propagandist Gibbs.

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