Friday, May 15, 2009

ConservativeXpress Banned From Free Republic!

Update: Not only banned, but censored by the dirty hypocrites!

Even Sean Hannity has written off Free Republic, saying "Everyone I knew basically left because of so much childish immature personal attacks, the propensity there to eat their own." [Listen to Sean Hannity’s Statement about Free Republic. ]

I was suspended from "conservative" site Free Republic for having an opinion. It's amazing that a so called site dedicated to "Free" would ban someone for having an opinion.

I encourage anyone to feel free to post my material on Free Republic or elsewhere as I will no longer be posting on that site. (If anyone knows of other open forums similar to Free Republic please let me know.)

There are many amazing people over there who support true conservatism and value the opinion of others in the name of advancing our cause.

However the site is too often dominated by a select few radical Right Wing nutjob bullies who are completely intolerant and hypocritical. They are no better than the Liberals they speak out against. Many simply nitpick and chastise others just to make themselves feel better.

The hypocrisy is astounding and intolerable at times.

My account was "Zotted" according to their lingo for being a "troll".

Many "FReepers" complained that I was "pimping my blog".

However, from their own "rules":

For all of you who have blogs or personal web sites that you would like to discuss or promote on Free Republic, here's the place to do it.

Our Bloggers & Personal forum is for:

Posting from your blog.

Posting from other peoples blogs.

Posting from your personal web site.

Posting from other peoples personal web sites.

Promoting your blog.

Promoting other peoples blogs.

Promoting your personal web site.

Promoting your favorite web sites.

Posting from your favorite outside forums.

Free Republic is the premier online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America. And we always have fun doing it. Hoo-yah!

Zot - verb, to get kicked off FR in an undignified manner
That's what most people think "Zot" means, but it's not correct.

The history of "Zot".

There are one or two individuals who, for whatever reason, enjoy signing up new accounts here every single day to post leftist drivel. Sometimes they are vanities from DemocraticUnderground. Sometimes they are articles from other far-left sources. Sometimes they are nothing but vile doctored images or profanity laced tirades. Sometimes they are from legitimate sources but happen to strike the eye of the poster as being something that would infuriate conservatives.

The posters in question always post the articles, and then don't reply. They then post other articles, again not replying. This was going on for months. Jim would confirm by looking at the IP addresses and other aspects of the user's 'footprint' that it was the returning troll, and we would nuke the accounts. This went on for months.

Then some of the opportunists who wanted to harm the forum started a whispering campaign, complaining about articles being deleted. They would play off of the fact that the trolls' articles were being pulled to complain that there was some sort of agenda of squelching legitimate conservative postings going on by the moderators.

One day I decided to try something new. I decided, instead of letting the trolls get what they want and have their posts up as flame bait, and instead of pulling the threads outright, I would move their post aside and replace it with something that hopefully others would find humorous. I would do this out in the forum for all to see. The original piece would be available through the history link for the curious, who could see if there was some sort of censorship campaign going on. And the freepers could have fun mocking the troll if they so liked.

It so happens that the way I did it the first time was using a screen shot from Caddyshack, where the pastor gets hit by a lightning bolt. Being a bit of a fan of the comic strip "B.C." I captioned the photo with the lightning bolt sound that Johnny Hart used in his strip- ZOT! That is where the term Zot originated.

Now, sometimes we "zot", and sometimes we simply pull it. It depends on a number of factors, including how busy we are at the time. But whenever you see a Zot, you can be sure that the user was a 'newbie' who was doing their hit-and-run posting, and that if you as a well-established freeper thought the article would have made an interesting discussion, then you could probably post the same piece yourself without incident (although the most vile of the stuff probably would get pulled, and Jim reserves the right to remove anyone who he feels is constantly trying to push leftist propaganda on the forum). Anyway, that is the history and background behind zotting.


I will continue to do my part to advance Conservative ideas and bring down the radical Left.

Free Republic sucks!


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  1. What were you really banned for?

  2. Probably for not being a

  3. Call 1 800 WHAAAAA

  4. I agree... I was banned for supporting a Republican in the primary, and nothing but the most conservative of views. But it wasn't a candidate that Jim liked so, banned for "trolling..." whatever that means. I was simply posting the positions of my candidate when asked. I don't think that was trolling.

  5. I love it when deluded members of the Reichstag Right eat their own.

    No wonder they are all so fat and unattractive.

  6. As a "noob" you are being put through ridicule and abuse and name calling from the "elder" FReepers. If you dare standing up to their foolishness and call them to the plate, you're automatically being banned for being a "troll".

    These forum is NOT conservative, not when they behave like Libs, where the moment you stand up politely to their own foolishness, they start with the warnings and the whining too.


  7. FR and DU have more in common than EITHER forum will ever admit: bullying, hypocrisy, childish name calling, paranoid accusations, etc. I don't know how long it has been going on there, but FR has a group of bullies like humblegunner who appear to do little else but seek out and flame other Freepers. If the person being flamed sticks up for himself, humblegunner pings his buddies and they all gang up on that Freeper. How pathetic, gutless, and shameful for a bunch of supposed freedom lovers.

  8. You are a homo blogpimp and are better off banned.
    Enjoy obscurity, you stinkin' pimp!

  9. They are truly outside mainstream conservative viewpoints when they label Charles Krauthammer a RINO, along with others who have reservations about Sarah Palin's chances in a general election.
    Remember Peach? She was always worthwhile reading. I THINK she was banned because she supported Rudi in 2008.
    Those guys are nutjobs,

  10. I got banned for repeatedly pointing out posters that make conservatives look like knuckle dragging racist idiots, like the person who recently gave a rave review to her child's school district with this nugget of wisdom "There are very few minority children in our district".

  11. I am like a total right wing nut job boom stick sky God person and I just got banned from FR as a troll. I appealed to the owner but he's too good to talk to me it appears. All I did was point out how greed American Capitalists hide behind "Capitalism" and live in excessive, lavish luxury with no empathy for others and that's how we got in the situation we're in in this country. Jeez.....
    I felt pretty bad about it, thinking it was premier place for conservatives and having already posted a self written article on there that was very well received. So I decided to find out more about them and found your website. Thanks for the heads up. I cannot believe they censor things so easily and squelch free speech.

  12. PS In the old days, the King in the banquet hall full of food, drink and revelry being fanned by slaves as he eats his grapes was a repugnant idea to conservative Christians. Now apparently he's the guy everyone wants to be, with no ethical or moral red flags popping up for anyone. The guy everyone wants to be...

  13. I was banned from Free Republic after making only about three posts there last week. I was new there.

    My three posts were very polite, and dealt with Christianity (I am a Christian - I am also a social conservative).

    There was nothing rude or hateful or inflammatory in my posts.

    It's a mystery to me why they banned me, and my posts never appeared in their thread. My posts remained in their moderator queue.

    I never received any warnings or notice that I was banned. When I visited their site and logged in, I simply got some kind of message saying I could not post there. That was the first I realized they had banned me.

    The people who run and moderate Free Republic are weird, they are anti conservative in some ways (though the purport to be conservative, oddly enough), and they are unfair.

    And who gives a rat if the guy here was indeed "pimping his blog" at FR, since as he points out, FR expressly says in its rules page that such behavior is acceptable.

  14. FYI: Former Freepers, zotted freepers, banned freepers, ex freepers, part time freepers and others who are disgusted with what has become of Free Republic are finding their way to

  15. [[FR and DU have more in common than EITHER forum will ever admit: bullying, hypocrisy, childish name calling, paranoid accusations, etc. I don't know how long it has been going on there, but FR has a group of bullies like humblegunner who appear to do little else but seek out and flame other Freepers]]

    That's EXACTLY what just happened to me- had a troll over htere specifically state that they were goign to keep flaming me and calling me practically every name under the sun- and then did so- I finally got fed up- reported it- nothign happened, reported again- nothing, onem ore time- moderator said "You've got mail' in the thread, I read it, it said "Knock it off- we decide which posts get pulled and whioch don't" I said "Got it @$@#hole" and not suprisingly got prmptly baNNEd- I emailed the owner and asked why the moderator reacted the way he/she did AFTER just tellign me I had no right to react the way I did to beign called the very same name I called them oderator- got no response- apparently the troll that was harrassing me and usign filthy foul languiage was a friend of jim's or soemthing- pretty sad that FR has devolved into Democratic underground lite-