Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MSNBC: Activist Dan Savage "President Gets 'F' On Gay Rights Issues" (Video)

Fabulously gay Dan Savage, a Chicago native, blasts his pal Obama over his failure to address "gay issues".

Sorry to break the news to you Dan, The President lied his ass off on the campaign trail to get your votes.

Savage had this to say to after Obama's election.

Dan Savage, author and sex advice columnist

Tuesday night I was overjoyed.

But Wednesday morning, reading the papers and listening to the news on the radio, my boyfriend and I -- we're boyfriends in the USA, husbands in Canada -- sat at our kitchen table and had the exact same discussion we had the morning after the 2004 election: When the hell are we moving to Canada?

The anti-gay politicking that goes on in this country is a bit like a dog whistle: Straight people can't hear it, but it drives gay people absolutely around the bend. The importance of Obama's victory can't be overstated; I'm as moved as anyone else. But the passage of anti-gay marriage amendments in Arizona, Florida and, most heartbreakingly of all, California (and with overwhelming support from African-American voters), along with the passage of an anti-gay adoption amendment in Arkansas, left us both feeling shell-shocked, betrayed and angry.

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