Friday, May 15, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Now Caught Lying About Calling CIA Liars; Says She Meant Bush Administration! (Video)

What? She has officially fallen off the deep end! She can't even keep track of her own lies any longer!

Yesterday, during her press conference she accused the CIA of lying to Congress:

QUESTION: Madam Speaker, just to be clear, you're accusing the CIA of lying to you in September of 2002?

PELOSI: Yes, misleading the Congress of the United States, misleading the Congress of the United States. I am.

She also said, "They do it all the time."

But, that was yesterday.

Today she said she was talking about the Bush Administration, not the CIA.

Say what? Sign the petition to impeach Nancy Pelosi!

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  1. Thus, until a resolution on this matter is reached in Congress and at the White House, I'm calling for Speaker Pelosi to step aside as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    Also, if the clamor for investigations continues, President Obama administration should appoint an independent, bipartisan committee outside of the Congress to investigate the matter. The Democrats cannot be trusted on these matters, and the partisan witchhunt has gone on too long. Attacks on the previous administration have now reached a level of unacceptable distraction to the important business of the nation.

    Pelosi is a liar. She was fully aware of the use of enhanced interrogation techniques and is now only trying to cloud the fact that she knew from the beginning that the Bush Administration was actively employing the practice. It wasn’t very important to her to fret about “torture” back then, but now it’s in her best interest to use it as a political sledge hammer. That hammer is about to fall squarely on her own head.

    Pelosi has found a way to make stupid even stupider, Your FIRED Pelosi!

  2. The CIA said the briefing included Pelosi and then-Rep. Porter J. Goss (Fla.), who was the committee chairman at the time and who later became CIA director. Two House aides also attended. The CIA's account said the subject was enhanced interrogation techniques and the particular methods used on Zayn al-Abidin Muhammed Hussein, better known by the nom de guerre Abu Zubaida.

    Nancy Pelosi has become flat out dangerous. Whether your a conservative or a liberal. Her agenda panders to one thing...Her own self interest. Last I checked we havent had another attack on US soil since 9/11. The CIA was doing something right.